1001 Energy Tips by WH Clark
Dorrance Publishing
(Going to the printers on 5.15.2021)
350 pages
80 illustrations
6x9 trade paperback
Read a 70-page excerpt

Each chapter of 1001 Energy Tips opens with a dozen or more one-sentence tips from the experts. You can get started right away.

The second half of each chapter details many more energy-saving ideas – methods and techniques you’ve never seen before. There really are 1000+ energy tips! You’ll learn some of the science – and see it applied in so many practical examples, you’ll be an energy expert yourself in no time.

Every “thematic area” of the house is covered in separate chapters: kitchen, bath, laundry, the yard – plumbing, electrical, and lighting. There are focus sections on solar for water heating; solar photovoltaics; geothermal for space heating; and detailed explanations for the HVAC system, the building envelope, and the roof-attic assembly. Nothing is left to the imagination!

”Future tech!” comments at the end of each chapter outline a comprehensive solution to climate change on multiple fronts, using existing off-the-shelf technology.

If the subject seems very technical, not to fear – the “energy tips” at the opening of each chapter are accessible to everyone! Also the “Big Ideas” and “Closing Arguments” chapters present a how-to solution to climate change!

WH Clark is a licensed Professional Engineer and the author of the two McGraw-Hill textbooks for the commercial construction industry: Retrofitting for Energy Conservation and Electrical Design Guide for Commercial Buildings.

This project began in the late ’90s with his “BTU Bill’s Energy Tips” radio show in Austin, Texas.