1001 Energy Tips

1001 energy tips
Released 6.18.2021

From the back cover:

In the modern, high-tech world, it’s easy to become immersed with technology and the promise to change one’s lifestyle.  In 1001 Energy Tips: Save Energy, Save Money – Save Planet Earth, “BTU Bill” Clark compiles simple, easy ways to save energy at home, at work, on the road, and in every aspect of daily life. Accompanied by scientific explanations, the energy-saving tips leave readers with a lot to think about, and even to possibly implement in their lives.

“BTU Bill” Clark is a licensed Professional Engineer. His energy tips began with a spot on a local AM radio station. He has published two textbooks with McGraw-Hill, Retrofitting for Energy Conservation, and Electrical Design Guide for Commercial Buildings, and numerous tech papers.


readers choice award - 5 stars

5 Stars ~ Reader’s Choice

“BTU Bill” Clark’s 1001 Energy Tips is a useful book if we all want to fight global warming. I have been reading umpteen such books and had never found such common sense, easy to set up ideas and methods to fight this danger. The guide is comprehensive and deals with topics such as our lifestyle, water, each room of our homes, and general principles. It also includes an extremely useful toolbox, a diverse bibliography to dig deeper, a glossary, and an index to make research easier in this 344-page first-rate guide.

“BTU Bill” Clark’s 1001 Energy Tips is a fabulous non-fiction work. It is fascinating, clear, easy to follow, and engaging.  Thank you for an amazing guide!  Read the full review by Marie-Hélène Fasquel at the Reader’s Choice website.

1001 energy tips

A+ “I found the book to be very thorough with extensive coverage…  Very readable and useful. I found that the artwork, graphs, and illustrations to be great additions to the text.” – Regan Lamia, Georgetown TX (retired school teacher and librarian)

5 Stars “…I was impressed.  So succinct and to the point.  Useful information.  Makes you want to keep reading!  Well done!” – Kris Wendtland, Advertising Representative, Colorado Country Life

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1001 energy tips

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eBook: 978-1-6376-4756-1 
332 pages 
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