A Green Job Economy

The Democrats have deceived the American people for years now, but especially during and since the 2020 election cycle.  “The Green New Deal will create millions of jobs” is their new mantra.  “Green jobs are the fastest-growing sector of the economy.”  Both statements are accurate – at face value.

The issue I have is that Democrats universally imply that “solar and wind energy” are creating all of those jobs, especially solar.  The subtext is, “All of America is putting solar panels on their roof – join them!”  And “The Green New Deal will create an army of contractors to put solar panels on every roof.”  Clearly, the Democrat brand is seriously beholden to the solar panel industry.  (Half of the world’s solar panels are manufactured in China.)

What, then, are the real facts about the green economy?

For sure, green jobs are growing fast.  Yes, it’s a wonderful new trend in America, bonding well for the future.  But, no, the green sector is not driven by solar, and wind projects barely register on the green-energy meter.  Solar & wind are only 15% of the green-job economy. There are seven times more green jobs in energy conservation.  Aptly titled, The Hill published a detailed column on this, We’re Overlooking One of the Best Solutions to Creating Green Jobs.

The energy conservation movement isn’t funded by a $4 trillion government slush fund.  It may be helped by rebates from utilities, but those rebates are funded by the utilities themselves (lowering demand on their power plants voids the necessity to invest billions in new capacity).  The energy conservation trend receives zero face time in Washington (the Feds, in fact, have eliminated the energy conservation tax credit for homeowners and business owners), and no PR in the mainstream media – nada, zilch, zero.

The energy conservation movement is driven by simple economics:  Invest $1000 in new equipment, roofing, or insulation ~ pay off the investment in 2-3 years ~ then save $300 each year thereafter for 15-25 years.  While Wall Street struggles to achieve 4% returns on a balanced investment strategy; while Washington borrows trillions from China at 3-5% for their green extravaganza; savvy homeowners and business people are investing their money in energy conservation, for a guaranteed 25-40% return for the lifetime of the project.

Why isn’t America investing in energy conservation?