Even before a book is on the market, many authors submit “Advance Review Copies” (ARC) to different online review websites.  Once the typesetting and book cover are completed, they contact one or more of the following, providing the PDF or eBook for their consideration.

BookLife.com accepts books for review, free but not all books received are reviewed. This is Publisher’s Weekly site for self-published authors.

Booksprout.co  Will get you 20 book reviews at their free level or 50  per month at their $10/month subscription price.  Readers post their reviews of the book (best submitted as an eBook or in Mobi format) at amazon.com, so you need a pre-order page at amazon first.

Booksirens.com  The “promote” package for $10/book and $2/reader is a good deal.  The “author” level, at $15/month, gets you unlimited reviews.

Citybookreview.com reviews 40% of the books they receive, but does not accept books beyond 90 days past publication.  Send a copy via mail to: City Book Review, 3201 Norris Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95821

Dog-Eared-Reviews.com will do one review for $70 and five for $299.

Forward.com is a magazine that accepts ARCs a minimum of 4 months before publication.  Submit a copy for consideration. They also have a book contest, Forward Indies with lots of big prizes.

MidwestBookReview.com reviews books for free.

NetGalley.com Pricey at $850/6 months but gets access to publishers, reviewers, and librarians.

OnlineBookClub.com reviews ARCs for a modest $50 fee.

Pubby.co gets unlimited reviews of a book, free for 20 days, then $10/month.

ReadersFavorite.com has free book reviews, and paid reviews starting at $59.  They also have an annual book awards contest.

TeamGolfWell.com will do free reviews, upon receipt of a PDF copy.

TheKindleBookReview.net has a list of reviewers.  Find one that closely matches the book and request a review.

ThePrariesBookReview.com will do a short book review (150 words) for $50 and a longer review (250 words) for $70.

WriterfulBooks.com offers free book reviews. You submit the manuscript as a PDF file.