Electric Lawn Mowers

Strictly speaking, Grass Lawns are an Ecological Catastrophe.  Over half of all water used in municipalities is used on lawns (golf courses, grass turf in general).  Phosphates from fertilizers runs off into streams and rivers and cause unmitigated damage to fragile water ecosystems.  The CO2 and pollutions from a single gas mower are over ten times worse than from a vehicle, per hour of use.

Almost two percent of the land area of the U.S. is turfgrass.  Twenty percent of the area of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Jersey is turfgrass.  Americans spend over twenty million hours each year (mowing their grass an average of 20 times each growing season).  The above-linked article calls this a waste of time; I’d concur, unless you’re using a push mower, and get some good exercise!

How do you have a nice lawn without destroying the environment in the process?  Plant native and xeriscape grasses, for one thing.  They’re best suited for your local climate.  Don’t water the lawn ~ ever.  When you mow the grass, use a mulching mower so you don’t ever have to use fertilizer. Mulch leaves into the lawn instead of hauling them away.  Use an electric mower instead of a gas mower.  I’ve been using electric mowers for thirty years ~ the corded kind.  They’re quiet, powerful, and get the job done without all the hassles of small gasoline engines.