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Electrical Design Guide for Commercial Buildings

"Conserving electrical energy in buildings of every size and shape."

KEYWORDS: commercial buildings, electrical design, green buildings, energy conservation

You can purchase the McGraw-Hill eBook or hardcover at

This is a very practical book that has some basic theory too, intended to help designers and contractors do a better job and to make the workplace safer. The book focuses on ways to design energy-efficient electrical systems and how to modify existing electrical systems to use less energy without diminishing performance.

I wrote this book for McGraw-Hill right after Retrofitting for Energy Conservation. (you can download a free copy of Retrofitting at that link)

The Electrical Design Guide is pretty much an extension of Retrofitting, focusing only on electrical projects. That is, if you want to save energy in a commercial building, the electrical system offers some wonderful opportunities to really stick it to the power company!

This link gets you to a Google Books page where you can find a library near you (you search by zip code) that has the book. However, I recommend you download your free copy of Retrofitting first, and study all the electrical projects there; and if want more electrical ideas, check The Electrical Design Guide out from your local library (or ask them to order it for you; they often will).