1001 Energy Tips is an informal introduction to energy conservation.  The idea is to focus your attention on everyday-life situations and technology – things you otherwise take for granted – and to gently encourage you to be more aware of your energy-using activities.  The engineering principles delineated in the book are universal.  The science applies not just to your own home but to buildings of every size.  My hope is that studying the book and practicing the ideas will endow you with an engineering perspective: to see the operating principles in all the technology you use, not just to save energy, but to save money.  Moreover, to educate you enough so that you can browse other materials on energy conservation, and to understand the content – which you can then use in your work and other life activities.


The Energy Efficiency Magazine. Brilliant ideas from a group of government, corporate, and industry leaders who keep up with all the latest energy conservation technology and then combine their talents to recommend ways that government and private entities can save energy while increasing the profit margin and/or lowering the tax burden on constituents.  Read their digital edition on their website.  Civic, community, government, and corporate decision-makers can greatly benefit from their wisdom and implement their recommendations, confident that their domain of operations will quickly become healthier, greener, more profitable, and more responsible toward the global community.


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Energy Conservation Journals

Scientific journals accept books in their field.  You submit them the same way as for a formal paper, and if the editor thinks it appropriate, they assign it to a staff member to review.

Energy Efficiency – Springer journal

Journal of Energy Conservation – Open Access journal

Energy & Environment – Sage journals