Sometimes it’s difficult to get motivated to save energy.  In the midst of a “polar vortex” winter storm ~  you’re talking about spending less on heating to help global warming?  (If you were current on the science,  you’d know that climate change is to blame for the increase in extreme winter events.)  This page lists some leading science and environmental news websites that discuss the latest research in layman’s terms.

Of course, there’s nothing any one person can do to avert climate change (unless you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, an influential media personality, or a politician).  Go ahead, conjure all the excuses in the world to justify your carbon footprint.  Nobody can force you to do otherwise.  However, if you have the least bit of curiosity about the dire predicament of our planet, you should at least get informed.

Environmental News Network has daily updates of a dozen or more new scientific studies on the environment, energy, climate, pollution, wildlife, and science/technology.  Even if you just scan the summaries a couple of times a week, you will have many fascinating water-cooler conversation topics for the office or chats at the dinner table at home to keep from boring your kids to death.

There’s no political correctness in this news coverage.  It’s simply a compilation of all the latest scientific research being done around the world.  You’ll see how very hard scientists are trying to help the environment and to create new processes and biological entities to help the natural world cope with warmer weather and an exponentially increasing level of water, air, and land pollution created by 8 billion irresponsible humans.

Wikipedia has a complete list of environmental magazines.