Farming vs. Global Warming

The Hill had a great column, Serious About Climate Change? Get serious About Agriculture.   What applies to farming applies, on a smaller scale, to your own yard.  Especially if you have a garden!

You’ve noticed that it never gets as cold on cloudy nights.  That’s because the clouds trap heat and the temperature at ground level drops less from radiant cooling.  Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does the same thing – it prevents the land from cooling.  Any time there’s combustion – vehicle engines, gas furnace burning, fire of any kind – CO2 is released to the atmosphere.  That CO2 remains in the atmosphere from 300 to 1,000 years.

All plants consume CO2 and breathe out oxygen.  A growing tree traps that CO2 in the bark and branches, “sequestering carbon dioxide.”  When that tree is cut down for lumber, that lumber keeps the CO2 from entering the atmosphere.  All the grass, shrubs, and trees in your yard help to take harmful CO2 out of the air, replacing it with healthy oxygen.