Fast Food 3x/Day

I know people who dine out three meals a day.  That’s the power of advertising ~ and all the addictive things they put in their food (salt, sugar, “mystery spices”).  People eat so many processed foods that the diversity of their intestinal microbiome (thousands of different kinds of bacteria, trillions of bacterias overall) shrinks and they literally can’t digest a regular, diverse diet anymore.  Once your microbiome is diminished like that, it never recovers.  

Your children inherit that diminished digestive microbiome (along with all your digestive problems, too: gas, hemorrhoids, diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, immune disorders, high cholesterol, etc.), so they couldn’t eat a healthy diet even if they wanted to.

Exactly what Big Food wants ~ children even more addicted to their designer diet than their adult parents.

Have you been to a grocery store lately?  There are multiple thousands of great foods available ~ canned, frozen, and in the fresh food aisle.  (Not to mention the thousands of more salient products at specialty groceries.)  Frozen pizza and lasagna can be every bit as good as dining out ~ and you don’t have to drive across town, wait for half an hour for your order, then drive back home again.

Why not crash at home and have a family dinner?  Take in a good movie afterward ~ play Risk or Scrabble  – Dominoes!

Have a side dish of vegetables and fruits for the kids (fiber for Pop’s hemorrhoid problem, Mom’s summer waiste line).  Take that frozen pizza and jazz it up with fresh extras, spices, red pepper, even spicy tomato sauce, and gourmet cheeses.  Cook your own hamburgers on the grill with low-fat meat, and some mesquite chips to add flavor ~ add lots of fresh onions to stretch the meat.  Sesame buns, fresh dressing ~ homemade french fries cooked in healthy olive oil (instead of rancid, week-oil shortening with a three-day allotment of saturated fat).

Purchase a fast-food cookbook and outdo the Big Food restaurants.  Save all that wasted gas on driving and splurge on fresh salmon on Fridays or rotisserie chicken for Sunday dinner with the grandparents. Better yet, hit the local Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning and pig out on nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables all weekend!  

Still too much work?  Start with breakfast:  check out all the boxed cereals, fancy oatmeals, waffles, pancakes, even breakfast sausage.  Scrambled or hard-boiled eggs.  Fresh orange juice!