Feed the Hummingbirds

Every small action you take to save energy, conserve resources, or preserve the environment is important!  If you have difficulties conserving energy, try to get closer to nature.  Set up a bird feeder on a porch or in a place visible from your windows.  My dentist has a big bird feeder visible from the chair you’re in – great distraction!

I have two beautiful red-glass hummingbird feeders, one on either side of the house, visible directly from the windows in the kitchen and living room.  I saw the first hummingbird of the season yesterday! (April 12).  Here’s a list of several amazing things about hummingbirds.  Many of them return to the same feeder every year.  They migrate thousands of miles (from NC they go clear across the Gulf of Mexico in the fall) each year.  Some fly 2,000 miles from Mexico to Alaska every year!

Here are some more fun facts.  There are over 400 species of hummingbirds.  They’re the only birds that can fly backwards.  They have the largest brain in proportion to size of all avians.  They have very good memories and can remember every flower, every feeder, they’ve ever visited – even how long it will take a flower to refill.

So, get yourself a bird feeder and get closer to nature!