Fill Your House With Plants

Modern construction standards build a very “tight” house.  They literally wrap the entire structure with a kind of shrink wrap to keep airflow through the walls to an absolute minimum.  The problem is that people inside the house quickly use up all the oxygen and replace it with carbon dioxide.  Consequently, a steady flow of outside air must be sucked into the house at the air handler to keep the air inside healthy.

In the summer, it can be very expensive to dehumidify and cool down all that outside air.  In the winter it can be even more expensive to humidity and heat up all the freezing cold air ducted into the house.

Plants solve your indoor air quality problem ~ for free.  All plants naturally consume carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.  Just the thing for a tightly-sealed structure!  A little sunlight, some water, and TLC, and you have a beautiful, healthy, energy-efficient home.

It’s best to purchase your plants at a local nursery because they know the varieties that thrive in your area.  Or you can purchase small house plants online. How about a window herb garden for the kitchen?  Or a bonsai or cactus plant starter kit? I’ve personally never had much success with indoor plants.  However, I can say that ivy is very easy to grow and quite beautiful.