Glycemic Fix

Diabetes happens when your pancreas is overworked over many years until it eventually has problems balancing out all the excess sugar you ingest.  After you have diabetes, you have to be very careful with your sugar and carbohydrate intake.  Excess sugar can cause dehydration of your body and in the extreme case a diabetic coma.

Although imperative for diabetics, everybody would do well to watch pay attention to the glycemic rating of their foods.  If you’re kind to your pancreas (liver, kidneys) all your life, your risk for diabetes is greatly reduced.

Scientific studies have shown that gentle exercise (walking, cycling, low-impact exercise of any kind) within 30-45 minutes after a meal burns up sugars and carbohydrates while they are still circulating in the blood – before they induce a reaction by the pancreas et al.  Before they’re turned into fat and stored in your tissues.