Mink Oil Magic

Mink oil preserves leather, waterproofs shoes, and is excellent for restoring faded, cracked, and worn vinyl and faux leather car interiors. Why spend three times as much for niche products that evaporate in a few weeks, requiring a new treatment?  I keep a couple of cans of mink oil and regularly slather a coating on all my shoes.  Granted, it can make the leather a little darker but you can beat it for preserving my favorite hiking and outdoor shoes!

PETA investigated the mink farms in Europe and elsewhere.  Those poor little animals.  “The animals are housed in unbearably small cages. They live with fear, stress, disease, parasites, and other physical and psychological hardships, all for the sake of an unnecessary global industry that makes billions of dollars annually.”  Sadly, over 20 million minks were “culled” after Covid ravaged the farms in Denmark and America.

At twice the price, mink oil is still the best deal around – and that extra money would ensure humane treatment on the farm.  Hopefully, the death of millions of minks has put a global focus on a wretched industry and will lead to reforms.