Motion Sensing Light Bulbs

It’s no longer a hassle to install a motion sensor to control lighting.  Just purchase a motion-sensing light bulb. Various products are available for indoor or outdoor use. They’re 2-3 times more expensive than non-motion-sensing bulbs, but can more than make up for the extra cost over time from the energy saved. If you have many fixtures to control, it’s likely cheaper to install a dedicated motion sensor to control the entire circuit.

Motion-sensing bulbs are a given for any outdoor security lighting:  they illuminate a security perimeter at the first sign of any motion (typically they won’t go on for small animals).  Indoors, they can light up a dark passageway or stairwell.  In bathrooms, closets, the attic, or basement ~ you won’t have to worry about leaving the light on when you leave, and burning all that electricity for days on end – weeks! ~ until the next time you enter that room.