Nix the Carbonated Drinks

One-third of all Americans are overweight. Another one-third are obese.  A major contributing factor is the consumption of carbonated drinks – Cokes, Pepsi, etc.  There are many detrimental health issues with high-sugar sodas. All that sugar (in combination with carbonic acid) wreaks havoc on your teeth ~ and digestion.  One can of regular soda, and you’ve already exceeded the recommended daily sugar intake!  Every sugary soda is one step closer toward diabetes and potentially some VERY serious health problems (eye problems, nerve problems, Alzheimers!, skin conditions, foot damage, kidney damage, heart problems, hearing issues)!

The most insidious thing that high-sugar drinks (even fruit juices are cram-packed with added sugar) is that they imbalance your body’s pH toward the acidic side (especially carbonated sodas, which have carbonic ACID).  The body tries to offset the acidic imbalance by dissolving calcium from the bones.  Is this a problem?  The US Army has to wash out thousands of young recruits from boot camp every year because their bones are very weak and they get stress fractures.  Weak bones equal osteoporosis when you get older, a debilitating disease that can wreck your health and lifestyle.

Calcium supplements (milk!) won’t strengthen your bones, either, despite what all the TV doctors say.  The only way to strengthen bones is to ingest extra calcium AND perform strength exercises 3-4 times a week on ALL  your major bone groups.  Aerobic workouts like cycling, swimming, and walking don’t help – they actually leech calcium from the bones and make things worse.

You don’t need to pump iron to do strength exercises.  You can start off with exercise bands or a small dumbell set.  I’ve had bad knees ever since I can remember (since I blew them out in Army boot camp!), and I do straight-leg lifts (lying on my back) with heavy ankle weights on each leg.  You might also try walking hand weights (maximum 2 lbs.) when you go for that power walk every morning.  My living room is scattered with weights: whenever I’m watching TV I’m working out in some form or fashion!

When you pay more attention to a healthy diet you get closer to nature.  When you get stronger and start to exercise outside regularly, that gets you even closer to nature.  Enjoy the fresh air, the breeze – the clouds! – and get motivated to help nature by saving energy, too.