Pet Heating Pad

Dogs and cats have a body temperature that’s 4-6 F higher than humans.  That means they burn a lot more energy to stay warm in the winter.  If it’s too cold in the house, they’ll sure let you know!  M.E.O.W.!  Woof.  It’s standard operating procedure to turn down the thermostat when you’re at work all day ~ what to do?

Buy a pet heating pad.  They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  I’ve used one (well, two since I have 2 cats) for years.  It stays warm-ish whenever it’s plugged in (so they can find it), but warms up nicely when they lie down on it.  Cats always find the warmest spot in the house (dogs will find it eventually), and soon they’ll make a b-line for their heating pad as soon as you leave for work.

I enjoy the winter months, and I like the house colder than most – especially at night.  Save a ton of energy that way, too.  Not a problem anymore, with the critters.  I turn the pad(s) off at night so Oscar and Bevo cuddle up on top of the bed coverings at night.  I calculated I can stay warm with one less blanket now.