Plant Wildflower Seeds in the Yard

I used to live in Central Texas, where every spring the roads and highways were an ocean of bluebonnets.  This was thanks to Lady Bird Johnson,  the wife of President Lyndon Johnson, who lived near Johnson City, west of Austin.  Her protect was to seed the highways with wildflowers!  Visit the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center online.

One of my favorite energy tips, when I was doing “BTU Bill’s Energy Tips” on KFON radio in Austin, was to fill your yard with wildflowers and, like the Texas Highways Department, skip mowing for a few months so the wildflowers could thrive.  The bees will love you for it!

Wildflowers are very vigorous.  Just purchase a bag of perennials, sow them on the ground in a sunny area, and watch the spring rains bring them to life!