Population Control

Human beings evolved with a huge incentive to have lots and lots of children.  Before modern healthcare, most children didn’t survive infancy.  Embattled communities needed plenty of adult males to man armies.  Disease and poor nutrition limited lifespans to half what they are now – just 30 years in 1990.

Almost half the children born worldwide can expect to live in abject poverty until the day they die.  Even in America, the childhood poverty rate is almost twenty percent.  

It’s a given that all the issues associated with global warming increase in direct proportion to the population. Another way to look at: any increase in global population will negate much of the progress made to combat climate change.  

Why have many children?  There are so many dangers in the world – kiddie advertising, kiddie Instagram, bullies in the schoolyard, kiddie fashions (via kiddie music, TV, web pages), kiddie porn, etc. – both parents must be vigilant and work very hard to raise an honest, hardw0rking, socially responsible child into a model citizen with good values and a strong economic future.  

If you have two children, that cuts the odds in half (or more), that your kids will succeed and prosper.  Three children – and having to work two jobs to provide for them – and the chances of success are lower still.

FYI, the government itself requires scientific studies of any federal action that causes population growth, to analyze the impact of that new population on the environment.  Hence, any action by Washington (i.e., $4 trillion going to poor families to increase their federal benefits so they can have more children) should technically be preceded by an environmental impact study ~ including the recent huge influx of illegal immigrants through the U.S.-Mexico border.  The law is very explicit on this because “Congress was extremely concerned about the profound influence of population growth on the environment” when they wrote the legislation.