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Rake Leaves 4 Health

A gas leaf blower emits more toxins and pollution than an automobile operating for 8 hours.  It also disrupts the entire neighborhood for blocks around with noise.  Nix the gas blower and get a battery or plug-in electric blower.

Better yet, get a leaf rake.  The only fuel raking uses is fat stored around your midsection.  Your lungs, heart, and muscles get an excellent workout.  You get to enjoy a pleasant afternoon out in the sunshine and fresh air, and your body (and your neighbors) will thank you for it.

Don’t burn the leaves – returning all that carbon directly into the atmosphere.  Build a chicken-wire enclosure and fill it with leaves, for a nice little compost pile. Or, if space is limited, you can purchase a compost bin.  An even more elaborate system is a compost barrel, which is on a frame so you can easily rotate the barrel now and then to aerate the compost.  If you don’t have a large yard with plenty of leaves, grab leave bags your neighbors leave on the curb.  Don’t forget to add plant-based kitchen waste to the compost every evening!

Add some compost starter (a bag of dormant microorganisms that break down the plant matter) to accelerate the decomposition process, turn the leaves over every few weeks to expose the bugs to plenty of oxygen, and keep the pile moist. And next spring you’ll have some rich compost for the vegetable garden, shrubs, and potted plants.  

Joke: What’s Beethoven doing in his grave? Decomposing!