Recycle Aluminum Cans

More than 100 BILLION aluminum cans are sold in the U.S. each year.  Only half are recycled.  Likewise around the world, resulting in 3 BILLION pounds of aluminum cans in landfills around the world.  There are innumerable benefits to recycling aluminum cans.

Two percent of the electricity generated in the U.S. is used to manufacture aluminum from bauxite ore.  The energy it takes to create 3 aluminum cans is equivalent to filling one of those cans with gasoline.  It takes only 5% of the energy to manufacture aluminum from recycled cans – 20 cans for the price of one.

“Worldwide, people use 180 BILLION aluminum soda and beer cans.  6,700 cans each second.  Enough to go around the planet every 17 hours.”  (Notice:  over half of those cans are in the U.S. alone.)

If your community doesn’t have curbside recycling bins, ask your county supervisors to offer the service.  They can more than makeup for the cost by selling the metals for reconstitution.  Here are some tips on preparing your cans for recycling.