"Hundreds of projects to save energy in buildings of every size and type."

I recently made an updated, abridged edition called Energy Conservation Projects. (Free PDF copy)

KEYWORDS: energy conservation, green buildings, hvac, electrical, water supply, architectural, lighting

This is a textbook I published with McGraw-Hill back in 1998, practically the first such energy conservation book from a major engineering publisher. It’s out of print now, and McGraw-Hill has signed the copyright back into my name. 

The chapters cover each of the building elements – lighting, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, envelope, etc… with energy-saving projects in each area listed from the simplest to the most complicated. The first dozen or so work even for homeowners, the rest for small businesses, and the very last few are for large buildings. The language is simple, intended for the general public, and easy for the DIY homeowner to follow.  You can just download the PDF book free.

I have a second McGraw-Hill textbook that’s called Electrical Design Guide for Commercial Buildings, but which is VERY focused on energy-efficient systems as well.

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