Reverse Global Warming

We don’t just need to stop global warming.  We need to REVERSE global warmingWe need to get the planet back to where we were 100 years ago.  Reference the graphic below:  average temperatures have risen over 1 C since the 1800s, or 2 F.  Current political protocols call for “limiting global temperature increases to 1.5 C.”  That’s not at all good enough. We need to suck all the excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and cool things down by 1.5 C.

Almost half of the CO2 comes from China (30%) and the U.S. (15%).  They’re in control.  They’re shooting for limiting global temperatures to 1.5 C rise.  They’re also in temperate climate zones.  The other 90% of the world lives in much warmer latitudes, at and around the equator.  Look at the annual weather in Puerto Rico.  (Still 20 degrees latitude from the equator.) Their temperature is warm, for sure; most people in the U.S. and China are envious.  However, the humidity is a killer!  Scroll down the page, to see that the weather in PR is “oppressive” or worse (“miserable”) fully nine months of the year!

Add 2 F to the PR weather, and it will be miserable six months of the year and oppressive for five months.  Ditto for half the rest of the world’s population.

China and the U.S. caused this rise in temperature.  They need to fix it.  Limiting the temperature rise to 1.5 C wouldn’t be the triumph they both say it will be.  It’ll (literally) be a miserable failure.