Septic Rx

Bacteria are very hard-working little buggers.  There are trillions of bacteria in your stomach and intestines. They digest your food, protect you from infections, and generally maintain a healthy total-body balance.  A lack of diversity in your stomach biome is the root cause of many diseases and auto-immune disorders.

Add a bag of dormant bacterias to a compost pile and they decompose everything in a fraction of the time.

If your house has a septic field for wastewater, harsh chemicals can kill off the bacteria that decompose the waste products.  Pain killers in your stomach diminish the bacteria count and diversity in your intestines.  Likewise for acetaminophen extracted from your bloodstream by the kidneys: they end up in your septic tank, killing bacteria there.

That’s why you need to add “good bacteria” to your septic system every month or so.  It’s a lot cheaper than having to pump out the septic tank every couple of years.