Shoe Leather Longevity

I read one of those “50 things Baby Boomers think are cool” lists this afternoon.  Big mistake!  I took special umbrage about #38, “wearing their favorite New Balance tennis shoes from the ’80s out on a power walk.”  Excuse me, but I just demoted my favorite pair of ’80s NB shoes from my morning-walk shoes to garden/yard shoes, and figure to get a couple more decades of good use out of them.  Seems to me that getting the maximum out of a pair of shoes is respectful of the environment in general and cow leather in particular.  

I’ve tried out some of those colorful, fancy “hip” athletics shoes.  Inevitably, the souls are trashed after a year.  You’re left with like-new leather uppers, and no soul (pun intended).  I’ve put some serious mileage on my vintage New Balance tennis shoes.  That’s why they’re called “tennis shoes” ~ rugged enough for some righteous athletics action.  The bottoms of the pair I just retired are still in excellent shape, after almost 25 years of regular activity.  A good scrubbing and some white leather dye, and the tops look real nice, too. How can anybody poke fun of that kind of longevity?

I happen to enjoy the Boomer exercise ethic, too.  I’m more fit than many of the young people criticizing us Boomers, probably because I’d be afraid to get $150 shoes (three times the cost of NBs) dirty, much less all scuffed up.  Those pixelating shoes are all for show and nothing for go.  

See you on the racquetball court (another thing they disparage about Boomers).