Solar Helicopter on Mars

NASA made the news over the weekend when their latest Mars rover did a short helicopter-powered flight.  It’s the first powered flight off the surface of a planet other than Earth.  What makes it even more remarkable is that the atmosphere on Mars is so thin that a 100 MPH wind feels barely like a breeze.  (It helps that the 4-pound rover only weighs 1.5 pounds on Mars.)

Get your kid interested in science:  buy them a solar-powered helicopter toy.  Way cool!  While you’re both marveling at the wonders of solar-powered flight, you can explain that all NASA projects use off-the-shelf technology.  So that little “toy” isn’t something to disregard outright!

You’ll find many different solar-powered toys on the market.  Get your kids involved with green energy for a lifetime fascination with solar tech!