Solar Security Lighting

Most people leave some kind of light on all night long outside the house.  That’s one or more light bulbs burning non-stop for 8-12 every day.  There are many ways to save money on security lighting.  First of all, install energy-efficient light bulbs in the fixture – LEDs are the most cost-effective and cheapest to operate.  Special LEDs sense dawn and dusk without the need for an external sensor.  You can also install a motion-sensing on/off switch so the lights burn only when triggered by motion.  If the light is plugged into an outlet, you can just add a motion-sensing plug (assuming its range of view is the area you want to cover).

Efficient bulbs and motion-sensing allow the whole system to be powered by a small solar panel.  Ideally, you can save the cost of running electrical conduit to a new install by just purchasing a packaged solar panel security system.

A light-sensing, motion-activated, solar security light system is the next best thing to a nighttime blackout.  The system minimizes the power used and the light pollution, and still keeps your home safe and secure.  This low-power setup means the solar installation won’t need a large battery to keep working when the weather is inclement for days on end.