As of Feb. 2020, Amazon and NASA are teaming up to study solar superstorms

A so-called Carrington Event happened in 1859, a major solar superstorm that caused aurora-borealis type displays worldwide and disrupted telegraph systems everywhere.

A much stronger solar storm missed Earth by only a couple of days on July 23, 2012. One study estimated the damage to US electrical systems would have been as much as $2.6 trillionThe Smithsonian did a study, saying Earth’s entire electrical infrastructure would have been put out of commission for a decade or more!

Remember the Mayan Calendar, predicting the end of the world in 2012?  It damn near happened! NOTE: Just as stated in the script, there’s absolutely no way to predict a solar superstorm.  At most, you get a couple day’s notice! NASA and Amazon recently announced a formal study of the solar superstorm phenomenon.

Cosmic journeys produced a 45-minute documentary on solar superstorms. (free)

The ozone layer over most of the world would mitigate the most damaging short-wavelength energy from a solar superstorm. With the ozone hole over the south pole,  however, all of that high-energy electromagnetic radiation would reach Antarctica. It’s possible – probable! – that it could melt the polar ice cap, as threatened in the story.

HOWEVER: you don’t necessarily need a solar superstorm to cause Noah’s Flood 2.0, as is going to happen in HELSTAF. It’s happening already!

Why? Because the persistence of the Ozone Hole over Antarctica means there’s no ozone layer to block the extremely high-energy UV radiation from the sun. Consequently, the polar ice pack is melting much, much faster than all the scientific projections.

Folks, HELSTAF is not an extreme catastrophe flick. It’s for real!

You’d think that the new U.S. Space Corps, with all the might of the Pentagon behind it, would have in their job description to save Earth from threats like this.

Fires from a Carrington Event