Solar Yard Lights

Several of my neighbors have private street lights for their driveway.  They look just like a regular street light but you pay the utility company $10/month for the power used.  Granted, the light source is very efficient and the cost seems minimal for the watt-hours you get; however – what a waste of energy!  We live in a very rural area.  Don’t they want to see the stars at night?  Do they really want to pay good money for light pollution? Don’t they worry about giving would-be robbers plenty of illumination to do their thing in the dark of the night? 

Be that as it may, the best illumination puts the light where you want it: in this case, at ground level.  There are many inexpensive solar-powered yard lights available to illuminate a path, the driveway, or a back patio.  You don’t have to pay an electrician to run underground conduit to the lights.  You just jam the stake into the ground or attach it to a fence or other post, and you’re all done.  Some are also motion-controlled: as the robbers tip-toe down the path, the lights click on and illuminate their path nicely.