The American Families Plan

We all know how much young people hate their parents, especially the Boomer generation There are hundreds of popular lists of uncool Boomer fashions, foods, TV shows, activities, and interests overall.  Everything near and dear to Boomers – and adults in general – are gross, disgusting, outdated, and despicable.

Now we know that Boomers, and adults in general, despise their children just as much.  How else can you explain the Democrats’ $6 trillion legislative agenda ($4 trillion planned + $1 trillion in regular appropriations increase for social services + $1 trillion of the “Covid Relief” bill just passed), devoted almost exclusively to paying for “family benefits.”  Parents can’t save money for birth expenses, daycare, pre-K, K, school lunches, or even two years of community college?   Not to worry. The government will pick up the tab.

Can’t qualify for a job that pays for material leave or paid vacation with the kids?  The government will pay for that, too.  

Boomers get the last laugh (they always do).  Why?  Because this massive expansion of government benefits will mostly be financed by borrowing: greatly expanding the national debt.  Who pays for that ~ their children, and their children’s children.  Even the portion paid by higher taxes – especially corporate taxes – will largely fall upon the shoulders of the younger generations.  Why? Because 99.5 % of all businesses in America are small businesses (half of which must work out of the house to reduce expenses).

Who wants to have children anyway?  Do you really want the 100 metric tons of CO2 your child (in developed countries) will contribute to the environment on your conscience? For many couples, that alone is enough to not have children ~ or, at least, to have only one child.  Good idea!