The Black Dragons Movie poster (1942)

Back in the ’30s gangsters were heroes in America.  They were the second-most popular figures in the United States, after elected officials.  Gangsters had an exciting job description, robbed banks to give money to the poor, had lavish lifestyles, beautiful women, and – well, “ya get da idea.”

Some gangsters even became movie stars. 

Hah! I live in a small town in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina called Robbinsville. Back during prohibition, the bootlegging gangsters nicknamed it “Robbin ‘sville.” (only kidding) Our 1A football team, the Black Knights, won its 14th state title in 2019. Robbinsville is so small, most of the players on the team play both offense and defense. Right down the road is a famous stretch of blacktop (motorcycle idiots love it) called The Tail of the Dragon – 318 hairpin curves in 11 miles through the Great Smoky Mountains. Hence, The Black Dragons.

The screenplay closes where it began, in classic bookends fashion. You’re left, hopefully, with the notion that there’s a renegade clan of lawless reprobates out there who will do absolutely anything under the sun to protect the environment and save planet earth. Governments won’t do it. Corporations sure as hell won’t – destroying the environment is the one sure way they have left to make a profit.

We’ll learn more about The Black Dragons in the sequel…

Until then, you can do your part to save Mother Earth and learn a few things about energy conservation. You can start with my “Energy Tips” document on my resume page – then visit the book links for FREE software and a FREE download of two of my energy conservation books!

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