To Juice or Not to Juice

high tech

My favorite Telenovelas channel (Spanish-language soaps, very high-quality shows – I watch the original in Spanish but you can stream them in English or with English subtitles) is running an advertisement for a centrifugal juicer“Ours gets more juice – and it’s self-cleaning.”  Yes, I know it’s important to have your full portion of fruits and vegetables every day.  All the more power to you if you can chug down that revolting green smoothie for lunch every day.  However, you also need 25 to 30 grams of fiber in your diet each day.  With a juicer, you’re throwing away all that good fiber!

My VA doctor told me last month that one way to lower your blood cholesterol level is to increase your fiber intake.  What happens is that cholesterol binds to the fiber and it goes right on out with your stool and not into your bloodstream (to clog up your arteries and veins).  Ergo:  eat lots of fiber when you pig out on cholesterol.  

low tech

I have a glass of fresh orange juice (well, half fresh, half store-bought) every morning.  I use a low-tech glass citrus juicer and toss the orange peels into the compost pile.  The squirrels scrape out any pulp left in the shell and what’s left makes good composting material.  No electricity is consumed, and we all get our vitamins, minerals ~  and fibers.